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Important Information About Our Online Application

Why do you need to apply for finance?

A vehicle lease is a long term rental agreement whereby we (the broker), construct offers that are placed with specialist finance companies (the lender). The finance company will physically buy the vehicle and are the legal owner, therefore they will need to conduct checks and a credit assessment on yourself as the lessee (individual or company). Under UK financial regulation and law both ourselves and the finance company are required to 'know our customer', assess affordability and also ensure that anti fraud and anti money laundering checks are completed.

How will your data be used and stored?

Your data will be sent via our secure encrypted web server and stored by us under our data protection license, see the footer for details about our certification. Once your data has been submitted we will carry out quality checks and once we have all of the required part of the process in place we will apply to the finance company on your behalf. Your application data will only ever be shared with parties that require it as part of the process such as the finance company or the supply partner / dealership. Further, we will only share the information that is required by our partner to carry out their part of the process e.g. name, address and contact details for arranging delivery of your new vehicle.

Why do we need to collect all of the information?

As mentioned earlier, in the UK we have well established regulation and law. In addition our finance company partners are the most respected and well known in the market, many of them are part of large UK or European banks therefore they have very structured processes for managing their risk. All of our finance companies mandate that we collect key data to allow them to undertake a credit assessment such as key personal information, address records, employment history and detailed income & expenditure analysis. The finance companies will check this data against their data from various agencies to validate and build a credit profile for each customer. It is important that aim to collect accurate data so that we can make the process as smooth as possible. The ultimate aim for all involved under FCA financial regulation is to lend responsibly.

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